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Dr Andrew Nelson

Dr Andrew Nelson

Reflectometry Instrument Scientist
Research Group: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Materials and Engineering Science (Functional Materials); and Bragg Institute
Email: link
Phone: 02 9717 9477

Current Research Activities

My main interests lie in the soft condensed matter area, specifically the interactions of polymers and surfactants with interfaces/colloidal systems. My PhD thesis was concerned with the adsorption of non-ionic polymers on clay colloids, characterising the adsorbed layers and their effect on dispersion stability using SANS and light scattering. At the moment I am responsible for running a neutron reflectometer that characterises interfacial structure at (buried) planar interfaces.  

Existing Linkages

The ANSTO/AINSE relationship welcomes Australian researchers to come to ANSTO and perform measurements on the neutron beam instruments (small angle scattering, Reflectometry, diffraction, residual stress, single XTAL diffraction).