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Mr. David McPherson

Mr. David McPherson

PhD Candidate
Institute for Nanoscale Technology (INT), Building 1, Level 11, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), PO Box 123, Broadway, NSW, 2007, Australia
Research Group: University of Technology, Sydney; Institute of Nanoscale Technology.
Email: link
Phone: 0406 939 205

Current Research Activities

Ostensible Capacitance of Nanoporous Copper (NPC) sponges as electrode materials for conceptual double-layer supercapacitors. Investigating alloy phase constitution in Cu-Al alloys and its effect, after selective dissolution (dealloying) processes, on nanoscale architecture and hence ostensible capacitance of NPC sponges.

Characterisation of nanoporous metal sponges via;
- Topographical analyisis using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
- X-ray diffraction pattern analysis
- RC circuit for ostensible capacitance
- Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

Additional interests

- Transition metal/metal oxides and binary intermetallic metal alloys in nanoscaled optical thin films fabricated by magnetron sputtering technique, in particular element constituents of Fe, Cr, Au, Ni, Cu, Mn and Al fabricated in inert Ar and O2 environments.
- Bulk binary and ternary alloys and the effects of coring and phase constitution based upon annealing environment conditions.