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Mr. Kamron Ley

Mr. Kamron Ley

PhD Student
RMIT University, 418 Swanston st. Melbourne, Victoria, 3001
mailing address
RMIT University, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001
Research Group: RMIT University, Materials Modelling and Simulation Group
Email: link
Phone: 0439750065

Current Research Activities

Member of Materials Modelling and Simulation Group

PhD Student

Title of Project: Protein interactions with modified silica susubstrates for engineering smart surface coatings

Supervisors: Professor Irene Yarovsky and Dr George Yiapanis

Research Interests:
Environmentally Responsive Coatings
Computational methods to examine organic surfaces and interfaces
Synthetic and naturally occurring self-cleaning materials
Surface modification processes of polymer coatings
Biofilm formation on surface coatings