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Mr Rahul Goswami

Mr Rahul Goswami

A Final Year Student in B Tech + M Tech (Dual Degree) in Nanotechnology
A 2, Misra Duplex, Nepali Para , West Apcar Garden P.O. Asansol, Dist.Burdwan, West Bengal, India, Pin 713304
Research Group: Australian Centre for NanoMedicine
Email: link
Phone: +913412253351

Current Research Activities

Myself, Rahul Goswami ,am a final year Post- graduate student of nanotechnology and I am doing my specialization on bio-nanotechnology (devices). I am looking for a 6-8 months dissertation/internship programme starting from January,2014 in the field of my genre.

I have worked on polymeric-nanoparticles, nanocomposites, metal nanoparticles ,bio-informatics (docking in drug- receptor) and am currently working on the idea behind lab on a chip (Chemical Tongues).

I have my interests of working in bio-mimicry and on biomaterials, polymeric scaffolding and macromolecular complexes which intrigues me and I have this fascination on specially working on nano-3d scaffolding (nano/bio-medicine), as well as supramolecular chemistry and astrochemistry and I would like to like to work on it as it this as I would like to devise noble ways and techniques which would help mankind as a whole as I foresee the sight of a white world on the grounds of science.