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Dr Simon Moulton

Dr Simon Moulton

Research Group: Intelligent Polymer Research Institute
Email: link
Phone: 02 4221 4351
Fax: 02 4221 3114

Current Research Activities

My research activities involve studying inherently conducting polymer and carbon nanotubes systems. Recently my attention has focused on the various aspects of CNT chemistry involving biomolecular interaction. My collaborative (in brackets) research activities include the use of biomolecules to purify CNT soot (Trinity College Dublin Ireland), electrochemical characterisation of CNT/biomolecule films prepared from purified CNT solutions, development of ICP/CNT based biosensors (Dublin City University - Ireland), investigations into advanced CNT-bio-coatings for implantable medical devices (Bionic Ear Institute - Australia and Boston Scientific - USA) and preparation of transparent CNT-biomolecule transistors (University of California, Los Angles - USA).