ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Yiqing Lu

Dr Yiqing Lu

MQRF research fellow
E7B 363, Dept Physics and Astronomy
Faculty of Science
Macquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109
Research Group: Macquarie University, Department of Physics
Email: link
Phone: +61 2 9850 4169
Fax: +61 2 9850 8115

Current Research Activities

Dr. Yiqing LU did his PhD in the cross-disciplinary area of biophotonics with a joint program between Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). His research is focused on the development of analytical methods and instrumentation for biomedical and photonic applications. Currently, he is a Macquarie University Research Fellow investigating new nanophotonic approaches toward early-stage cancer diagnosis and treatment. He is also an ISAC Scholar awarded by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (2013-2017).