ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr. Jan Jeske

Dr. Jan Jeske

Research Officer
Building 14 Level 6 Room 2
corner Franklin St, Swanston St
RMIT University City Campus
mailing address
School of Applied Sciences
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476
Melbourne VIC 3001
Research Group: Chemical and Quantum Physics
Email: link
Phone: +(61 3) 9925 3397

Current Research Activities

- Spatially correlated decoherence, Markovian and Non-Markovian decoherence in several types of quantum systems
- Laser magnetometry
- Spin physics, entanglement, measurement, transport and adiabatic passage
- Quantum effects in biological photosynthetic complexes
- Decoherence microscopy Using decoherence to obtain information about the environment