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Dr Nam-Trung Nguyen

Dr Nam-Trung Nguyen

Professor and Director
Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
N74 West Creek Road
Nathan Qld 4111 Australia
Research Group: Griffith University, Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre
Email: link
Phone: 0737353921
Fax: 0737358021

Current Research Activities

N.T. Nguyen's research group is dedicated to the development of micro/nano technologies, especially polymeric micromachining, and its applications in microfluidics. With the enabling technologies, we fabricate devices for fundamental investigation of fluidic effects in the micro scale such as convective/diffusive mixing, Taylor-Aris dispersion, viscoelasticity, fluid/structural coupling, optofluidic and magnetofluidic interactions. The knowledge from this fundamental research results in a number of functional microfluidic components such as microvalves, micropumps, micromixers, microdispensors, and microsensors. These components were implemented in a various handheld or desktop-based lab-on-a-chip platforms such as DNA amplifiers and chemical sensors.