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Mr David Waddington

Mr David Waddington

PhD Student
A28 Physics Road
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A28 Physics Road
Research Group: University of Sydney, School of Physics
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Phone: 0423983454

Current Research Activities

Hyperpolarized Nanoparticles for MRI

We aim to develop new bio-probes based on the detection and tracking of nontoxic nanoparticles in biological environments. By manipulating electron and nuclear spin-states in nano-crystalites of diamond and ruby, our goal is to establish and demonstrate novel in-vivo imaging modalities that combine the techniques of single fluorescence with hyperpolarized magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This multifaceted approach, which builds on recent breakthroughs in the manipulation of spins on the nanoscalel, enables nanoparticles to act as beacons within living tissue, both at the intracellular level and on the macroscopic scale of organs.

This project is exploring the use of nanodiamonds as fluorescent, field-sensitive, biomarkers and simultaneous novel MRI contrast agents. Building on the demonstrated biocompatibility of these materials, we are combining hyperpolarized MRI techniques with single fluorescence sensing to enable the detection and tracking of targeted bioagents both at the intracellular level and scale of macroscopic tissue.