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Dr Mohammad Al-Mamun

Dr Mohammad Al-Mamun

PhD Student

Centre for Clean Environment and Energy G24 Griffith University Gold Coast Campus Griffith University

Research Group: Centre for Clean Environment and Energy
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Phone: T +61 7 5552 8456
Fax: 61-7-5552 8067

Current Research Activities

The global warming related to the continuous emission of CO2 in the environment has aroused a serious impact on the environment and climate change throughout the world. The emission of green-house gas has been a serious issue on environmental pollution. Therefore, the source of clean, sustainable and renewable energy and their utilisation has so far been a hot research topic in the field of materials chemisty research. The overall aim of my PhD thesis is to justify the utilisation of different functional nanomaterials as water splitting electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Further exercise of such kind of materials in triiodide reduction reaction (IRR) will also be realised.