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Miss Yuan (Helena) Wang

Miss Yuan (Helena) Wang

PhD student
Level 3, Tyree Energy Technologies Building (H6)
Research Group: Particle and Catalysis Research Group, ARC Centre for Functional Nanomaterials, University of New South Wales
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Current Research Activities

Three-dimensionally ordered macro-mesoporous perovskite catalyst for methane oxidation. 7/2015-present
Perovskite-type oxides (ABO3) are generally considered efficient catalysts for the oxidation of VOCs. They offer the advantages of low cost, high activity, good anti-poisoning ability, and thermal stability over single-metal-oxide catalysts. Three-dimensionally ordered mocroporous (3DOM) ABO3 is expected to greatly increase the number of accessible active sites and ultimately enhance the catalytic efficiency. Therefore, it is highly desirable to develop an effective strategy for generating 3DOM ABO3.