ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Gerhard (Gerry) Swiegers

Dr Gerhard (Gerry) Swiegers

Principal Research Scientist
Ian Wark Laboratories
Bayview Avenue
Melbourne, VIC 3169
mailing address
Bag 10
Clayton, VIC 3169
Research Group: ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science
Email: link
Phone: (03) 9545-2528
Fax: (03) 9545-2446

Current Research Activities

Dr Swiegers is leader of the Security Devices research group at CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies. This group works closely with governmental and private concerns in the document, product, and identity security areas. Anti-counterfeiting efforts of the type undertaken by the group involve trade and national secrets that are generally not subject to publication or patent. The group consists largely of permanent CSIRO employees, but includes several PhD students and Post-Doctoral Fellows who work on non-core, academic projects of fundamental scientific interest. Such projects include studies of optically pure transition metal complexes in asymmetric and biomimetic catalysis (synergistic, multi-centered catalysts), and in biology (mimicry of self-assembling systems).