ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Chunxia Zhao

Dr Chunxia Zhao

ARC Future Fellow and Associate Group Leader
Building 75, Corner Coopers and College Rd, University of Queensland
Research Group: Centre for Biomolecular Engineering
Email: link
Phone: 07 3346 4263

Current Research Activities

(1) Emulsion and biomimetic dual-templating technology for making silica capsules for controlled and sustained release; (2) Stimuli-responsive soft materials based on biomolecules manufactured from renewable resources. (3) Simple and low-cost platform technology for producing bioproducts, including peptide or protein biosurfactants, peptide antibiotics. (4) Microfluidic synthesis of hierarchical materials for applications in sustained and controlled drug release. (5) Microfluidic platform technology for reproducibly producing targeted polymer nanocarriers having systematically varied properties. (6) In vivo-mimicking Tissue Chips for screening and evaluating nanocarriers