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Dr Jampaiah Deshetti

Dr Jampaiah Deshetti

Post Doctoral Researcher
Level 3/440 Elizabeth Street
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Level 3/440 Elizabeth Street
Research Group: RMIT University, Science, Engineering and Technology Portfolio, School of Applied Science (Chemistry)-Professor Suresh Bhargava
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Phone: 469958604
Fax: 469958604

Current Research Activities

 Functional Nanostructured Materials Synthesis Metals, Metal Oxides, Semiconductors, Polymer nanocomposites Chemical, physical, photochemical and electrochemical methods
 Heterogeneous Catalysis Natural gas to liquid Fuels, CO2 hydrogenation, in-situ techniques to study the kinetics
 Environmental Catalysis Testing materials for elemental mercury oxidation and adsorption
 Soot and CO oxidation-Testing prepared metal oxides for oxidation reactions
 Photocatalysis-Materials testing towards organic pollutants degradation and synthesis of valuable chemicals