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Miss Dorota Malwina Bacal

Miss Dorota Malwina Bacal

PhD Candidate
Research Group: Monash University,Department of Chemical Engineering,Udo Bach Group
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Current Research Activities

In 2016 Miss Dorota Bacal joined Udo Bach’s Research Group ( to continue her scientific career working in Advanced Photovoltaics Laboratory at Monash University in Melbourne.

Her PhD research topic revolves around perovskite solar cells – an emerging technology recently announced by the research world as a promising substitute of silicon solar cells.

Miss Bacal is directing her scientific research towards commercialisation. Her affiliation with CSIRO has enabled her to start her work in Flexible Electronics Laboratory under the supervision of dr. Doojin Vak where she is currently developing back contact perovskite solar cells on a flexible substrate.

The biggest dream of Miss Bacal is to create an economically efficient world where solar power panels are the most sought after source of electricity combined with other added benefits such as flexibility, recyclability and harmlessness.


Miss Bacal would like to thank Monash University and CSIRO for offering her scholarships; Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics ( for funding her research and Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science ( for opening the door to new opportunities and collaborations.