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Miss Shravanti Joshi

Miss Shravanti Joshi

Doctoral Researcher
17 Marriott Parade, Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Victoria, 3150, Australia.
mailing address
Centre for Advanced Materials and Industrial Chemistry (CAMIC)
RMIT University, GPO Box 2476,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia.
Research Group: RMIT University, Science, Engineering and Technology Portfolio, School of Applied Science (Chemistry)-Professor Suresh Bhargava
Email: link
Phone: 470265486
Fax: 470265486

Current Research Activities

Functional & Tailored Nanostructured Metal Oxides Semiconductors Synthesis.
CO2 Gas Sensors - Potentiometric & Chemo-resistive.
Semiconductor Mediated Visible Light Catalysis- Testing Towards Organic Pollutants Degradation.
Water Splitting and Hydrogen Evolution Studies.