ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Shahnaz Bakand

Dr Shahnaz Bakand

Senior Lecturer
School of Health and Society
University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia

Research Group: University of Wollongong, School of Health and Society, Work Health and Safety Academic Program
Email: link
Phone: 02 4221 4794

Current Research Activities

- Application of risk management methods for nanotechnology (HDR Supervision)
- Research collaborations with UNSW to investigate the toxicity of nanoparticles in sunscreen products and diesel exhaust emissions (2006-2017)


Existing Linkages

- Collaboration with the US NIOSH related to research proposals of work health and safety of nanotechnology (2015)
- Collaboration with the WHO related to guidelines of protecting workers from potential risks of manufactured nanomaterials (2016)
- Collaborations with the Iran Nanosafety Network (INSN) adapting ISO standards for testing and safety evaluation of nanoparticles, engaging in scientific committee of Nanosafety Conferences, and conducting a Workshop of Safety and Health in Nanotechnology for Conference delegates (2010-2016).