ARC Nanotechnology Network
Mr. Alaa Yousif Ali Ali

Mr. Alaa Yousif Ali Ali

PhD physics student
School of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Faculty of Science & Information Technology
The University of Newcastle / AU
University Drive
Callaghan NSW 2308

Research Group: University of Newcastle, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Email: link
Phone: +61410151786

Current Research Activities

-Applying graphene films (small and large area) in organic photovoltaics as transparent electrode.
-Preparing graphene layer, which is a single atomic layer of carbon, at low temperature via chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method.
-Making devices from polymer materials, including the fabrication, testing and characteristics of organic photovoltaics.
-Fabrication and characterization of photodetector of CdS/porous Si/c-Si heterojunction.
-Fabrication and characterization of silicon solar cells.
-Preparing and properties studying of thin polycrystalline CdS films by chemical spray pyrolysis technique.