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Dr Qian Peter Su

Dr Qian Peter Su

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Sydney City Campus – Level 5, Building 4, Ultimo NSW 2007 Australia

Research Group: University of Technology, Sydney -Initiative for Biomedical Materials & Devices (IBMD)
Email: link
Phone: 0402027353

Current Research Activities

Dr. Qian Peter SU's research interests are: i) Developing advanced Single-Molecule imaging, tracking and manipulation techniques to study motor proteins and motor induced intracellular bio-membrane deformation/reformation/dynamics mechanism, especially using in vitro re-constitution system (Su, 2016; Du, 2016, Wang, 2015, Shen, 2016, Guan 2017); ii) Developing and applying cutting-edge Super-Resolution imaging systems and algorithms (especially STORM and PALM) to study precise and hierarchical chromatin structures as well as structure-mediated replication/transcription mechanisms in mammalian nucleus.