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Mr. Thanh Danh Nguyen

Mr. Thanh Danh Nguyen

Chemical Researcher
Research Group:

University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute

Email: link
Phone: +84936278787

Current Research Activities

1) Cancer Cell and Intracellular Behavior + Nanomaterial application in cancer detection + Nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery 2) Theoretical and Computational Simulation + Image-based models for cell behavior + Molecular dynamics simulation Research skills + Experienced in working with different cancer cell lines (Hela, A549, A431, etc.) along with utilizing microscopy tools and material analytical methods including Raman, FTIR, Fluorescence, XPS, UV-VIS, SEM and TEM. + Fluently utilizing simulation programs (FDTD, Gaussian 09, VEDA), drawing programs (AutoCAD, 3DXMAX) and basic programming skills in Fortran and Python.