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Dr Vamsee Ulaganathan

Dr Vamsee Ulaganathan

Research Associate

Future Industries Institute, Mawson lakes boulevard Mawson lakes - 5095 South Australia.

Research Group:

University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute

Email: link
Phone: +61 8 830 23290

Current Research Activities

My Research interests lie in characterising the formation, stability and structure of soft colloidal systems such as foams and emulsions. Such systems contain a large surface to volume ratio as bubbles or oil droplets in micrometer size are dispersed in aqueous phase. Therefore the knowledge of physico-chemical processes at these interfaces becomes crucial. This has great impact for example, on food industry to form stable products with desired food structure. In mining industries, it has great significance in terms of floatation of mineral particles on bubble surfaces. And in pharmaceuticals to design stable foams and emulsions for enhanced drug delivery.