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Dr Eric Howard

Dr Eric Howard

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research Group: Macquarie University, Department of Physics
Email: link
Phone: 0408006295

Current Research Activities

My research is focused on Theoretical and computational Condensed matter physics, DMRG, many body information, nanotechnology, Strongly correlated systems, Superconductivity, Quantum Criticality, Topological phases, quantum error correction, holographic tensor networks, renormalization, emergent spacetime, UV/IR mixing, RG group, Holographic & topological entanglement entropy, gauge/gravity duality, tensor networks, Quantum Thermodynamics, QFT, Mathematical physics, Quantum machine learning, DFT


Existing Linkages

I am the CEO of Banksia Nanotech, specializing in research and commercialization of a range of nanotechnology products.