ARC Nanotechnology Network
Prof Alan Edward Rowan

Prof Alan Edward Rowan

Director AIBN, Group leader

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Building 75, Crn College and Cooper Rds 4072 St Lucia QLD Australia

Research Group: Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology - Materials and Biosciences Group
Email: link
Phone: +61 7 334 64305

Current Research Activities

I am performing my research at the interface of chemistry and biology with seminal and pioneering work on processive catalysis and functional self-assembly. My latest scientific achievement has been the development of the first truly biomimetic hydrogel which mimics the mechanic and functional properties of the extracellular membrane. I strive towards understanding at the molecular level the function of hierarchical materials and catalytic systems.


Existing Linkages

In the fields of biomimetic catalysis and functional materials, I have worked with some of Europe’s best departments and institutes ISIS Strasbourg, Imperial College London, Cambridge University and Oxford University, Max Plank Mainz Germany and KULeuven Belgium, all renowned Centres of academic excellence. This includes collaborations with, and mentorship from, leading figures in the field such as Prof C.A. Hunter, Prof R.J.M Nolte, Prof R. Friend, Prof K. Muellen and Nobel Laureate Prof J.M. Lehn. Key international collaborators include; Prof M. Stevens (Imperial College, London), Prof F. Macintosh (UVA Amsterdam), Prof O. Ikkala (University of Helsinki), Prof J. Hofkens (KULeuven Belgium), Prof M. Mueller (Aachen Germany).