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Dr Jan Lauko

Dr Jan Lauko

Postdoctoral Researcher

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Building 75, Crn College and Cooper rds 4072 St Lucia QLD Australia

Research Group: Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology - Materials and Biosciences Group
Email: link
Phone: +61 7 3346 4179

Current Research Activities

I started my research path as an organic chemist focused on the synthesis of conjugated chiral molecules. His PhD project was focused on the design and synthesis of novel acetylene- and azido-functionalised precursors and the development of protective groups strategies towards well-defined macromolecular structures. The second part of my PhD project was the study of catalytic activity of macrocycles using dye sensor molecules. Tailor-made changes to the core structure of dye molecules resulted in selective reporter molecules for visualization of catalytic processes. My subsequent research was focused on electrochemical sensors, where specific enzymes embedded in polysaccharide coatings were able to detect trace amounts of analyte such as glucose or lactate and translate this into electrochemical signal. The research was focused on the development and process optimisation of the sensor technology. I am currently working on the study of nano scale interactions of synthetic biomimetic extracellular matrices with biological systems


Existing Linkages

University of New South Wales, ANSTO, University of Duisburg