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Mr Jinjun Sun

Mr Jinjun Sun

PhD student
Department of Physics, Macquarie University,
North Ryde, Sydney, 2109, Australia
Research Group: Macquarie University, Department of Physics
Email: link
Phone: 0298507747
Fax: 0298508115

Current Research Activities

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles or Rare earth doped Nanoparticles are the main research tasks of mine. After having been working on the synthesis of CdSe, ZnS, CdS nanoparticles and their characterization for quite some time, many valuable results were achieved. As the candidates of applications in bioprobe, these particles as well as RE doped nanoparticles should be extensively studied. Further detailed comparation, both in their synthesis and characterization, among herein described particles will help people exploit their proper usage in bioscience and other science frontier.