ARC Nanotechnology Network
Dr Mohamed Makha

Dr Mohamed Makha

ARC Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Biomedical, Biomolecular and chemical Sciences, M13
35 Stirling HWY, Crawley
WA 6009
Research Group: University of Western Australia, School of Biomedical and Chemical Sciences, Raston Research Group
Email: link
Phone: 61 8 6488-1572
Fax: 61 8 6488-1005

Current Research Activities

Self-assembly of molecular ionic solids and nanoporosity derived materials
Biopolymer stabilised magnetic nano-particles
Carotenoid and fullerenes nano-particles as anti-viral drugs
Modified biopolymer Chitosan for stabilising nano-particles
New generation surfactants based on sulfonated calixarenes
Toxicity assessment of surfactant calixarenes
Green synthetic protocols for macrocyclic host molecules
Calixarenes as phase transfer Catalysts for organic reactions