ARC Nanotechnology Network
Professor Sean Smith

Professor Sean Smith

Level 2
The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechology #75
The University of Queensland
Brisbane 4072 QLD Australia
Research Group: University of New South Wales, School of Chemical Sciences, Biosensor and Biodevice research Group
Email: link
Phone: 07 3346 3949
Fax: 07 3346 3992

Current Research Activities

(1) theories and computational methods for the quantum description of molecular reactions, (2) computational studies of fluorescent proteins, (3) computational modeling of hydrogen storage in new materials, (4) computational studies of nanoparticle-based methods for DNA transfection into cells, (5) computational device modeling of proposed quantum computing architectures, (6) computational characterization of the mechanism for multi-step proton transfer in proteins, (7) theory and computational methods for molecular kinetics in complex systems (combustion kinetics, carbon gasification, atmospheric chemistry, biomolecular kinetics).

Existing Linkages

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The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
The Hypersonics Centre
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Centre for Marine Studies
ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computer Technology
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, China
Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
Research Institute for Computational Science, AIST, Tsukuba, Japan
Monash University Biochemistry