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Professor Colin Raston

Professor Colin Raston

South Australian Premier's Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology
Research Group: Flinders University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science
Email: link
Phone: 61 8 8201 7958
Fax: 61 8 8201 290

Current Research Activities

1. Nano-chemistry of carbon, including fullerenes and carbon nano-tubes, carotenoids, porphyrins, with applications in energy storage, nano-reaction cavities and capsules, high density information storage, food additives.
2. Process intensification: Spinning Disc Reactor (SDR) technology to assemble nano-particles of uniform and specific size as catalysts and magnetic materials, and chemical synthesis.
3. Device technology based on self assembled molecular capsules.
4. Incorporating sustainability metrics into the synthesis of the building blocks for the nano-structures, and their assembly, as a paradigm shift in new technology.

Existing Linkages

Currently establishing a research program in Australia after a period overseas.
International collaboration with Professor Jerry Atwood (Columbia) on self assemble technology, and Roshan Jachuck (Clarkson) on spinning disc reactor technology.