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Dr Guangyong Zhou

Dr Guangyong Zhou

Research Fellow
H38, Centre for Micro-Photonics, Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Sciences, PO Box 218, VIC 3122, Australia
Research Group: Swinburne University, School of Biophysical Sciences and Electrical Engineering, Centre for Micro-Photonics
Email: link
Phone: 03-9214 5719
Fax: 03-9214 5435

Current Research Activities

2D and 3D photonic crystals
Direct optical fabrication of three dimensional photonic crystals in high refractive index materials
Adaptive optics


Existing Linkages

Scanning Optical Microscopy Group, University of Oxford, UK

GIEL group, Departamento de F´ısica de Materiales, Universidad Aut´onoma de Madrid,Spain