ARC Nanotechnology Network
Professor Chennupati Jagadish

Professor Chennupati Jagadish

Federation Fellow, Professor and Head, Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Nanotechnology Group
Research Group: Australian National University, Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Electronic Materials Engineering
Email: link
Phone: +61-2-6125-0363
Fax: +61-2-6125-0511

Current Research Activities

Compound Semiconductor Optoelectronics (III-V semiconductors)
Semiconductor Lasers (Edge-Emitters, VCSELs)
Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors
Saturable Absorbers, Optical Modulators, Waveguides and Switches
Photonic Integrated Circuits and Photonic Crystals
THz Photonics (Emitters and Detectors)

Compound Semiconductor Nanotechnology
Epitaxial Growth of Quantum Dots and Nanowires
Optical and Electronic Processes in Quantum Dots and Nanowires
Nano-Optoelectronics and Nano-Photonics
. Nanowires for Nano-photonics

Compound Semiconductor Materials Science
Epitaxial growth of III-V semiconductors
Defects in semiconductors (ion implantation, plasma processing)
Selective Area Epitaxy, Quantum Well / Dot Intermixing
Zinc Oxide: doping, defects, processing, PLD growth


Existing Linkages

Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Optoelectronics Group, School of Physics, University of New South Wales
Microelectronics Research Group, Electronic Eng. Dept, Univ. of Western Australia
Microstructural Analysis Unit, University of Technology, Sydney
School of Materials, University of Queensland
MacDiarmid Institute, Canterbury, NZ
COBRA Institute, Eindhoven University of Technology
Oxford University
University of Michigan
University of Florida
University of Oslo
Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden