ARC Nanotechnology Network
Mr Troy Lowe

Mr Troy Lowe

PhD Student
Northfields Avenue
NSW 2522
Research Group: Intelligent Polymer Research Institute
Email: link
Phone: +61 407 958 664
Fax: +61 2 42213114

Current Research Activities

The work of my PhD thesis will focus on discovery of the chemical and structural composition of native metal oxide films and deposited oxide films on model samples fabricated using Al, Zn and their alloys. The surface of these samples will be engineered to have discrete and uniform features on the tens of microns scale. Characterisation of the metal surface, native oxide and deposited oxide composition will hopefully lead to a better understanding of the nature of Al-Zn alloy surfaces and the structure of deposited barrier oxides to affect processes like corrosion, biomedical compatibility and chemical compatibility with polymers.